Jin S. Lee.Our vision is to grow our Robotics and Automation Laboratory to an internationally competitive research organization in the robotics, automation and control fields. We also strive to contribute to our society by applying our expertice to various fields of the domestic as well as international industry.

At present, our research efforts are scattered in various fields such as mobile robotics, thick plate storage automation and iterative learning control , which makes our research efforts rather inefficient and without much synergy effect. In the future, we try to do our best to initiate one or more goal-oriented large-size projects that can draw most of our capabilities and grow to be a research center truly competitive in the international arena. The area that we have in our mind to fulfil this goal could be in the area of intelligent vehicles, fully automation systems, new-concept transportation systems and intelligent robotics. Through these research activities, we want to give each of our members a dream and possibilities of initiating new business and a truly competitive mind.

Professor Jin S. Lee.
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering,
Head Professor & Director of Creative IT Engineering,
Pohang University of Science and Technology,
Office : LG 313 / C5 102